Saturday, August 20, 2011


Designed for complex Eccounts, but easy to use, this is a painless way to keep track of your finances. 

£6.16/$9.97 Pocket-sized personal financier 

In these days of austerity and belt-tightening, the need to manage our money wisely is greater than ever, and that's where this nifty little app comes in. It allows you to keep track of the money going in and out of your account(s),as well as allowing you to compile budget reports (with jazzy pie charts) and perform other useful financial functions.

Despite being designed to handle complex accounts, the app itself is surprisingly easy to jse. Under each 'book' you can view a list of your accounts, look at your recurring bills and deposits, see who you're paying money to and set a budget, although this feature is only available in the paid-for version.

The layout is brilliant - not flashy or fussy, using straightforward, uncluttered lists with great use of bold colours, legible text, great drop-down menus and simple, well labelled buttons.

You get three widgets and impressively the app covers every function that you could possibly think of, allowing you to take complete control of your personal finances, including the useful ability to handle split transactions.

Thankfully it works with MS Money and Quicken export files (QIF and OFX) and despite a larger-than-average 1.4MB file size it doesn't play havoc with the phone's operating speed.

The only slight grumble is the comparatively hefty price tag, but for that money you're getting a fantastic, powerful application that does a terrific job of helping you get your finances in order.

It's not quite like having an accountant in your pocket, but it's not far off. 

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